Welcome to the Lab

The Lab: Becoming yourself

Home is the basis of what we know. It tells us about who we are. Every new home is an emotional proces, it involves finding a new set of habits and therefore becoming slightly different people. Every day, as a studio we help people define these new habits and become slightly more themselves.

Design really makes it possible to live in certain ways and to demonstrate ourselves and others what is that we really care about. It is a manifestation of a certain way of life.

In the continuous narrative of our projects, we always look for harmony and fittingness. We makerelationships between objects. We mis the great and the simple. We search, for craft, elegance,intricacy and fine patina.

As individuals and as a studio we might not have the power to impact the built environment on agrand scale, not all of us are Emperor Augustus, it is said he found Rome bricks and by the timehe left it was covered in marble! However, all of us make choices about the ways we live and whatthat means to us and those around us.

While orchestrating our rooms, time and time again we found ourselves with missing pieces. Sohere is our leap of faith.
Our attempt to put out into the World what we thought was missing.

There are objects which express craft, our relationship to the past and modern times, humanrelationships, elegance, harmony, humor and we can only hope will stand to test of time. Just likewith great buildings, we can expect them to change their uses, but hopefully, not be torn down.

Relationships and commitment to craft

All our objects express the relationships we have with our providers and our commitment to craft.Design cannot develop solely by way of reasoning. There is always at some point a creative leap.Craftsmanship makes our creative leap possible. We constantly push our ideas forward and it isthe talent and skill of those who work with us which allows our designs to come to life. Makersshare with us our passion for materials and techniques and it is this passion that sustains oursearch and the journey forward.

Humor and to engage in imagination

Even the tiniest of habits can have a great impact. If we can make a habit out of laughter and looking at the world with wander then we have certainly made an attempt at practicing a great habit. Our objects probe humor and imagination. Even the most serious ones, if you look carefully will have something quite unexpected.

Past, future and the test of time

Many of our products recapture traditions. In circumstances which legacy has made little provision for the continuation of these design techniques we have found it essential to continue to explore these ways of making and seeing. When we inherit the meaning of the past, we can better make decisions about the future. Objects are not copies of their originales, but they carry their spirit, they are essentially objects with a lived tradition set against the modern experience

The two types of objects

Great houses are often set amongst modest neighbors which neither compete nor spoil them.Their principal virtue resides precisely in their refusal to draw attention to themselves. Ourselection of objects works carefully across this balance. We have grand objects which might takecenter stage and be quite bold. We also have objects which are quieter, simpler but just asnecessary in a home. All are intricately designed to express this balancing act of harmony.

Beauty, Taste and Experimentation

We discern beauty in concrete objects and abstract ideas, in works of nature and works of art, in things animals and people. There isn’t a single property exhibited by so many disparate types of things. Yet the discussion of what is beauty is complex!More than claiming our objects to be beautiful, we claim they have the characteristics we care about. They are an experiment in the expression of our values. Their various iterations showcase our attempt to get closer to the values we have expressed above: harmony, craft, respect for tradition, quality and sincerity of materials, simplicity of the everyday, relationships, experimentation and humor.Our products are presented as Lab reposts and when you buy our products you will understand our design journey.