About Marta

Marta de La Rica was born in 1984 and studied interior design at the Polytechnic University in Madrid. She has lived in New York and travels frequently to France where she has her second home in Biarritz.

Her passion for interiors started early, following her father an avid antiques collector on his marvelous and curios trips around the world. From him, she learnt the thrill of the search. 

Marta has three daughters, Blanca, Clara and Marta, who now follow her around on these adventures. She hopes to teach them how through creativity and ingenuity we can turn our ordinary everyday lives into joyful experiences!


About the Studio


Our interiors are an ode to finding beauty and harmony in everyday life. 

Established in 2013 by Marta de La Rica, the studio was founded with the purpose of enriching peoples’ lives. We believe there is no greater opportunity of doing so than by impacting the ordinary and raising daily life to a higher level.

For this reason, the studio’s work mainly focuses on residential projects but we also believe that hotels, restaurants and the workspace can be transformed by these principles. 


Making the ordinary extraordinary.

Central to our work is our love of color, textures, fabrics and craft. The spaces we create are designed to last. We go beyond their photographic images and instead focus on designing spaces which feel lived and are at ease. Our interiors are designed to welcome a space’s natural evolution and gain value with time.

Our studio is a laboratory where we experiment with styles, eras and movements. We look into the past in order to make contemporary decisions. The result we hope are interiors which despite their diverse references, feel contemporary and are designed to last.