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Fall and Pumpkins in NY

Fall and Pumpkins in NY

Fall has already arrived to New York and Halloween is around the corner. Sounds like a good excuse for all sorts of pumpkins to colonize the whole city.
Beside pumpkins with terrifying faces there are plenty of varieties which colors have been the inspiration for my post today.
I just added some purple to the pallette. It makes it more contemporary!

Hope you like it!



Above: check these velvet pumpkins for your fall decorations from Plush Pumpkin


1- Velvet fabric Zebrano BGE/Meadow from Groundworks
2- Chenille fabric, Clan from Mulberry Home
3- Fabric Nevada, color Prune from Manuel Canovas
4- 50’s Wall brass light with yellow metal shade by Pierre Gariche
5- Fabric Marius, color Violine from Manuel Canovas
6- Glazed Volvic Lavastone from Pyrolave
7- Amazing leather green desk from Jacques Adnet
8- Garden City Fabric, color Sunburst from Miss Print
9- Linen fabric, Hampton, color Orange brom Lee Jofa
10- Wooden Parket Intenso, Ivrea from Dilegno
11- Velvet headboard from Urban Outfitters Home
12- Dandelion tile from Contemporary Tiles
13- Whitaker chair from Jonathan Adler
14- Wool purple carpet

It is also time to use this vegetable in our dishes. Here you have the recipe of one of my favourites soups! Click the link below to get the recipe and discover one of the best cooking blogs I have ever seen!


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