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Our Studio

The way we work is the way we Rock!

About the studio

The interior design studio Marta de la Rica has been able to capture from the beginning the innovative spirit of its founder, whose proposals reflect “an avant-garde concept of interior design that takes great care in the functional sense of each space and the specific needs of each client”.

Our studio is professionally responsible for their projects from beginning to end with the primary objective of achieving the full satisfaction of its customers. Its area of ​​action includes integral reforms, decoration projects, conditioning of commercial spaces, lighting projects, ephemeral spaces, specific furniture design, etc.

Who is Marta?

The fondness for decoration comes from the influence of his father, who aroused her interest in art and antiques. As soon as she graduated in Interior Design at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, she got her first job, so she decided to start her own studio.

In addition to the objects of designers such as Fornasetti, Jacque Adnet and Gio Ponti, Marta loves the work of “artisans who made wonderful things with simple and natural materials”. Her favorite piece is “an old hardware store with many compartments and drawers where I put everything I don’t know where to store!”. What object would you always keep? “I would never let go things with sentimental value, like the gifts of my family and friends, inherited things … The rest, everything is replaceable.”