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Smart Ideas

Mesas Andamios. Pide la tuya!

Como muchos ya sabéis, me he vuelto a instalar en Madrid definitivamente hace pocos meses después de dos años en Nueva York. Este "alto en el camino", además de otras muchísimas cosas positivas, me ha permitido hacer otras que una vez te metes en la rutina

Farming in the city

One of the smartest designs I have seen in a long time! Studio Segers offers you the possibility to grow your own organic vegetables and, best of all, enjoy fresh and diary eggs, from your rooftop or terrace! Amazing!

Upcycled RETRO furniture

Retro style begins in the 50's and covers the three following decades (60's, 70's and 80's). The furniture from the beginning of the 50's is known for its austerity, its lack of ornaments and straight lines. It's very interesting how the "modern life style" needs are

New York City Apartment. PART 1

Through this post and some future more I am going to show you one of my latest projects: a rented NYC apartment of 44sqm (473 sqf). Despite the limited dimensions and budget you will see that with some tips you can get a great space

Louboutins for your Ikeas

"Shoe your furniture" Replace your Ikea-legs with a set oh customized Prettypegs and add some colour and playful elegance to your room. ASTRID HILLEVI ESTELLE SIRI