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We are surrounded by inspiration!

We are surrounded by inspiration!

The Inspiration

Captura de pantalla 2013-07-22 a la(s) 18.01.21

The Palette


Materialize it!

the materials

1. “Komon” lava stone by Made a Mano
2. “Colorado” linen by Manuel Canovas
3. “Komon” lava stone by Made a Mano
4. “Tinta 3” New wool by Kvadrat
5. “Togo” sisal by Tasibel
6. “Colorado” linen by Manuel Canovas
7. Limestone
8. Grey antique pine wood
9/10. Lave de volvic by Pyrolave
11. Vintage ceramic tile
12. Handcrafted Ceramic tile
13. “Sybil Diamond Blue” by Jonathan Adler for the Rug Company
14. “Acquario” wallpaper by Fornasetti for Cole and Son
15. “Flora 2” Woll by Kvadrat

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