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The Peacock Chair

The Peacock Chair

Until I came to live in NY, I always knew this piece as “Julio Iglesia’s chair”. I just checked and it makes sense because he posed sitting on it for one of his albums from the 70’s when both, the singer and the chair, were very popular.
Apart from this unconscious attribution, I have always loved it!
I like its “throny” proportions and its lightness at the same time that gives it a fresh aspect with flavours of summer.
I found several models: some of them beatiful because of its simplicity and other ones marvellous beacuse of its exquisite filgree or its vibrant colours.

peacock chair 0

peacock chair 1

peacock chair 2

peacock chair 3

peacock chair 4

peacock chair 5

peacock chair 9

peacock chair 8

peacock chair 7

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  • Sarah

    September 26, 2013 at 09:23

    Jaja and where is the picture with Julio Iglesias? I prefer the chair without him sitting on it to be honest, especially in bright colors like red or turquoise!

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