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JOSEF FRANK and his legacy to Interior Design

JOSEF FRANK and his legacy to Interior Design

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(1885, Baden bei Wien. Austria – 1967, Stockholm)

His background in architecture and his interest in painting led him to create a new way of understanting modernism.
He gave special importance to confort, color and patterns. He designed spaces, furniture, objects and fabrics with a very artistic style.

On the other hand, other architects under the modernist label (Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mies Van der Rohe…) were defending slogans like simplification of forms, absence of decoration and monochromatic enviroments.

Escaping from nazism, he arrived to Sweden in the early 30’s whre he will become one of the most prestigous designers, giving birth at what is called “Swedish Modern”.
In 1934 he started working at Svensk Tenn where we can still find his amazing designs.

Testile Aramal-blue

Aramal blue

Textile Aramal-red

Aramal red

Textile Caletya


Textile Celotocaulis


Textile Körsbär


Textile La Plata

La plata

Textile Loop


Textile Manhattan


Textile Svënsta


Textile Tulpan


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