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Fall and Pumpkins in NY

Fall has already arrived to New York and Halloween is around the corner. Sounds like a good excuse for all sorts of pumpkins to colonize the whole city. Beside pumpkins with terrifying faces there are plenty of varieties which colors have been the inspiration for...

Pizza on wheels!

Del Popolo has converted a shipping container into a mobile pizzeria with all the necessary to create a true Neopolitan pizza, including a traditional wood-fired oven. ...

French Onion Soup Post Sandy and Pre Snowstorm

Ingredients: (for 4 people) - 4 large onions - 2 shallots - 50 gr of butter - 1 s/sp of olive oil - 1 s/sp of flour - 1,5 l of beef stock - Bread crouttons - Coarsely grated Comté/Gruyère - Thym or Sage - Port - Salt and Pepper Method: - Thinly slice onions and...