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Courrèges en el estudio. Un genio del futuro

El lunes pasado convertimos el estudio en un espacio propio de  Courrèges. De la mano de Farlabo presentamos los nuevos perfumes de la marca: Eau, Blanc y Rose. André Courrèges(1923) fue un avanzado de su tiempo. Desde niño estuvo motivado por la arquitectura, la ingeniería, la pintura,

La fuerza de la raya

Hoy os quiero enseñar a través de estas imágenes, como la raya en su representación más simple es capaz de transmitir y dar personalidad allá donde se plasme. Buen fin de semana!     

Anke Blaue vs. Mark Rothko

Llevo mucho tiempo queriendo enseñar el trabajo de Anke Blaue. Desde que me lo enseñó la galerista Marita Segovia me cautivaron los lienzos de esta pintora alemana. Los colores con los que tiñe  sus lienzos, a veces de lino, a veces de yute u otros materiales,

Los colores alegres del otoño

Me mandan esta foto desde Canadá y además de darme cuenta de que el otoño está en plena exuberancia por esos lares, sus colores son una vez más una fuente de inspiración. En este caso. a pesar de ser una imagen claramente otoñal, los colores

Arquitectura textil

Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros el arte de un Maestro Plisador. Me encanta ver que todavía queda gente que mantiene este tipo de oficios. Gérard Lognon es la cuarta generación que se dedica al arte de plisar tejidos, destinados a la alta costura, en el

Playas desde otro punto de vista

El fotógrafo belga Antoine Rose nos muestra en sus fotografías su peculiar punto de vista de las playas de Miami y los Hamptons. Jugándose la vida desde un helicóptero captura las escenas de un día cualquiera al borde del mar convirtiendo la realidad en miniaturas

Gaztelur, Playas y Cuba

Espero que hayáis pasado ( o estéis pasando todavía) un verano fantástico! Han pasado varias semanas desde mi último post pero aquí estoy de nuevo, con muchas ganas de seguir publicando lo que me gusta y lo que me inspira. Empiezo este nuevo curso con

Aesop en California

Dowtown LA Diseñada por Brooks+Scarpa Architects. Una vez más utilizan materiales naturales como nueva fórmula de diseño. En este caso tubos de cartón alineados van revistiendo las paredes creando un forro al hormigón original del edificio. Me encanta la idea de emplear materiales comunes que utilizados

Tánger, Asilah y sus colores

La primera vez que crucé el estrecho y llegué a Tánger me impresionó. Este fin de semana ha vuelto a hacerlo. La mezcla de tradición y sofisticación se palpa en el ambiente. Los colores, la texturas, la luz sobre la cal blanca y los azules

Aesop. NYC

Hace tiempo que quiero dedicar un post a las tiendas que la marca australiana de cosmética Aesop tiene repartidas por el mundo. Cada cual es más especial por lo que he decidido ir haciéndolo en varios posts. Aunque están diseñadas por diferentes arquitectos, todas

Earthquake 5.9 Collection

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri, Earthquake 5.9 collection recalls the Emilia earthquake of May 2012 that affected many businesses in the area. This Italian company was one of the companies affected by the quake, and they reacted to the event by creating a series

Happy Easter!! Raw Inspiration

1. Capitonée aged leather 2. Glazed lavastone, colours "Caviar" and "Sable", Pyrolave Architeture 3. Grand Chevron, Dedar 4. Flaminia fabric, Charcoal, Marvic 5. Flanders linen, Mole, Marvic 6. Artek Armchair 400 by Ilse Crawford 7. Wood wall panels by Ariele Alasko 8. Calacatta marble 9. Neutral colors felts 10. After Lowry tiles, Smink Things 11.

Inspiring Upholstery

Today I want to share with you some examples of inspiring uphostery. The use of vintage fabrics, suzannis, kilims rugs, pattern and color combinations or the raw upholstery can make the difference in your room. I hope you like it!

Layered rugs

If you are looking for a bohemian look in your room layer your rugs. Mix patterns, sizes, colours, materials and shapes!

Tropical living

1. Palm Jungle wallpaper from Cole and Son 2. 70's Rattan lamp from Objetology 3. Wicker cabinet from 1st Dibs 4. Tropical Leaf platter from Zara Home 5. Sofa by Edward Wormley from 1st Dibs 6. Pillows "Camión verde" from Génevieve Levy Editions 7. Pineapple ice buckets from Objetology 8. Peackok chair 9.

Fall and Pumpkins in NY

Fall has already arrived to New York and Halloween is around the corner. Sounds like a good excuse for all sorts of pumpkins to colonize the whole city. Beside pumpkins with terrifying faces there are plenty of varieties which colors have been the inspiration for

The Gallery Wall.

Many times we find ourselves looking to a blank wall which is asking loudly for something to be hanged on it. We may not be able to afford the piece of art we dream of or we don't even know which could be the perfect

A pinch of yellow and a cup of black

1. Geometric Dessert set from Zara Home 2. "Foch" cotton velvet, color Canary from Manuel Canovas 3. Ceramic tile "Novecento" from Made a mano 4. "Syrie" yellow rug from The Rug Store 5. "Ardoise" linen from Manuel Canovas 6. "Trevelyan" cotton fabric color Beduzzi Lemongrass from Designers Guild 7. "Arne" linen

Geom… retro wallpapers

All this wallpapers, which make us travel to the 50s and 60s, could be a very good starting point! It will be a dose of personality! Eco/Respekt II S.J Dixon/Geo Arthouse Sophie/Conran/Valentine Little Greene/Retrospective Papers/Lavaliers

We are surrounded by inspiration!

The Inspiration The Palette Materialize it! 1. "Komon" lava stone by Made a Mano 2. "Colorado" linen by Manuel Canovas 3. "Komon" lava stone by Made a Mano 4. "Tinta 3" New wool by Kvadrat 5. "Togo" sisal by Tasibel 6. "Colorado" linen by Manuel Canovas 7. Limestone 8. Grey antique pine wood 9/10. Lave de

Luis Barragán: colored backgrounds, light and textures

(1902, Guadalajara. Mexico - 1988) His architecture is inspired by European modernism which is taking place at that time, but he gives it a unique personality. He wants to grant his architecture with more than only funcionality. He pretends to awake all the senses with it. This

Color therapy for your walls!

When I look at these pictures, I wonder why don't we dare more with colors. We often choose whites, off whites, nuclear whites, grayish whites

XXI Century Still Lifes

I love the pictures that photographer René Cervantes has made to present the spring/summer 13 collection of shoes Ten and Co. They remind me of the XVII century Spanish still lifes.

Colours and Flavours from Istambul

An inspirational testimony of my trip to Istanbul. What a magic city! You can feel with all senses centuries of history mixed with a booming modernity. Hope you find inspiration with all these colours and textures!

JOSEF FRANK and his legacy to Interior Design

(1885, Baden bei Wien. Austria - 1967, Stockholm) His background in architecture and his interest in painting led him to create a new way of understanting modernism. He gave special importance to confort, color and patterns. He designed spaces, furniture, objects and fabrics with a very artistic

Balanced design. Michael Anastassiades

Since a while ago I have been amazed with the pieces of the designer Michael Anastassiades. The purity of the forms and the perfcet finish in the materials give the designs the quality of a pice of art. I hope you like this selection!

Pizza on wheels!

Del Popolo has converted a shipping container into a mobile pizzeria with all the necessary to create a true Neopolitan pizza, including a traditional wood-fired oven.

Wallpapers. Caravan Collection by Quercus & Co

CARAVAN is a collection of richly patterned and colourful wallpapers inspired by vintage textiles and embroideries from Europe and the Middle East. TAPESTRY COLLECTION Inspired by a vintage 'diamond' Kilim TAPESTRY is a dynamic arrangement of small squares painted in translucent washes. The overall effect is of

Chic & Cheap with Zara Home

Get inspired with the new collection of Zara Home for this Spring/Summer 2013. Look at your mood and choose your mix! 1. Corals 2. Campo y Playa 3. Golden dinner 4. Picnic day

Bye bye to the winter with eclecticism.

I was surprised with this chalet located in the French Alps, near Megéve. You can see the magnificent result of two years of work on a 1870 structure led by Belgian decorator Lionel Jadot. The architecture has preserved the flavor of the past but at the

Lindsey Adelman, New York designer.

Lindsey Adelman´s studio design, prototype, build, and show work in their NYC studio. Forms and ideas evolve collaboratively through 1:1 model-making and testing. The focus has mainly been on hand-blown glass and brass lighting since the studio's inception in 2006, but has now opened up

Paris versus New York. Vahram Muratyan

Vahram Muratyan, artist and graphic designer contrasts in an exepcional visual way many icons and stereotypes from the two cities separated by the Atlantic Ocean. After living almost his whole live in Paris, and spending some time in New York, he created this simple but

Architectural Fashion

Architecture and fashion have a lot in common. Both, designer and architect use geometry to create forms. Structure, lines and shapes define the piece. Coco Chanel said: "Fashion is architecture, it is a matter of propotion" Sydney Opera House, Sydney. JORN UTZON Guggenheim Museum, New York. FRANK LLOYD

Sophie Blackall | Brooklyn Based Illustrator

AMAZING PRINTS AND PATTERNS Brooklyn-based illustrator Sophie Blackall was in search of inspiration when she stumbled upon the infamous Missed Connections section of Craigslist. In this Internet realm of love lost and found, anonymous posters chronicle the one who got away, hoping that the object of their affection

Modern Design | 60’s Sunglasses

André Courrèges sunglasses by William Klein Woman in Mod Glasses, March 1967, New York, New York, USA Woman in Mod Glasses, March 1967, New York, New York, USA Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin Pierre Cardin France Gall Photo by John French Ulla Bomser Vintage Straw Hat, Libelle (Dutch) May 1965 Ulla Bomser Ulla Bomser wearing mod sunglasses,

Ilmari Tapiovaara, Life and Works

Ilmari Tapiovaara was taught by many mid-century style masters, Alvar Aalto in particular where he worked at Artek’s London office in 1935, then Le Corbusier in Paris in 1937 and finally Mies van der Rohe in Chicago in 1953. Mademoiselle Chair. 1956 Pirkka stools designed by Ilmari